Pilates, surf og yoga

Det er snart 4 år siden jeg første gang stødte på pakke-konceptet pilates, surf og Yoga. En kommentar gjorde mig opmærksom på at linket, jeg havde fundet ikke virkede mere, og jeg måtte derfor på jagt efter lignende koncepter.

Her er 2 steder jeg fandt:

Surf Camp Puerto Rico
Her er deres egen beskrivelse:

Our Surf Camp in Rincon, Puerto Rico devised a special yoga and massage programme for surfers which aims at:

  • Improving your physical abilities for a more efficient training
  • Alleviating minor physical problems
  • Enhancing the state of a deep relaxation and well-being that so many people experience after surfing., making your holidays into a real break from the stress and problems you may have in your every-day life

…ikke tosset.


Palm Beach Surf Camp.
Her er lidt fra deres site:

Top pros including Rochelle Ballard, Layne Beachley, Taylor Knox, and Kelly Slater have all used yoga to stay loose, flexible, and focused in the surf. Yoga is one of the best activities surfers can do because it actually restores energy by nourishing and revitalizing every cell of the body! Practicing yoga helps build flexible strength, endurance, balance, and mental focus – all necessary for fluid, powerful surfing. Yoga breathing or “pranayama” increases lung capacity so you can stay calm and relaxed even in a wipeout.

…overvejer lidt en afslappende tur til de varme lande med surf, yoga og pilates :-) Kommer du med?

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